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Post Alley Seattle

Ah, Bugwalks! Where to begin...
Firstly, the name "bugwalk" is a term my daughter and I use to describe a day of random exploring around the city of Seattle. We arrive early and see where the day takes us. Just as you would watch a bug scurry around with no apparent destination such are our bugwalks around the city. One time it was hitting every downtown chocolate shop searching for the best truffle, another was checking out the lobbies of hotels.
However, a "bugwalk" is not the exclusive realm of the city of Seattle but any place where we just go for a walk and see where it takes us. Pick a place, get there early, grab a coffee and pick a direction. Bugwalk!!

Before there was Bugwalks, there was SeeSystems Design (www.seesystems.com) started in 1999 as a provider of multimedia services such as web site design. I had a good run with SeeSystems but when I decided to pursue my passion for travel photography (which to me includes just about anything!) the name just did not fit. I always loved our wandering term "bugwalks" and it fit well with the idea of travel photography. I was able to secure the domain name (as well as the Instagram name!) and the result is what you see on this web site.
Please join me for this journey and enjoy wandering aimlessly about the planet (like a BUG) with camera in hand!

cw smith

Curtis Smith by day is the web master, graphic designer, training instructor and technical support guru for Huntron, Inc..
Bugwalks is based in beautiful Kingston, Washington