Articles by Curtis W. Smith

The articles published below are written mostly for pleasure but also to hopefully provide some useful information. The subject matter varies but the common theme revolves around multimedia (however loosely).

Lucky Shot - Timing is Everything!

Submarine and the Hood Canal Bridge

The reaction from the community to this image of a US Navy submarine passing through the Hood Canal Bridge has really humbled me. It was really just a matter of timing, luck and being ready. Here is a short article about capturing the image.   Read More >>

My Trusty 3 Legged Thing Punks Travis and Factory Support

3 Legged Thing Travis

3 Legged Thing stands behind their tripods. Here is the story behind my Travis tripod and the support provided by this great company across the pond.   Read More >>

Out the Airplane Window - Tips and Hints for Taking Photos from Airplane Windows

Mount Ararat is located in Turkey

I generally been in the habit of taking my DSLR camera with me when traveling rather than relying on my iPhone. Since I am a "carry-on only" traveler this means that my "good" camera is always accessible to me when on the airplane. I always get window seats and love to watch the terrain below slowly pass by and try to guess our location....  Read More >>

Why is this Photo One of My All-time Favorites?

Rovinj trattoria scene

A friend recently asked me about the image I have had on my computer desktop for the past 3 years. I told him that it was one of the favorite images that I had ever taken. His interest and my reply got me thinking as to why this image had such an appeal to me. Some of the reasons are obvious from a personal standpoint since the image includes my two favorite models...  Read More >>

I Love Waterfalls!

murhut falls

It rains a lot where I live (we call it liquid sunshine). In the western half of Washington state it is always green and I am lucky to live close to what has become my favorite National Park. Olympic National Park is very unique having diverse ecosystems from marine to rain forest to high mountain alpine. Located on the Pacific coast of Washington state, it probably receives more rain than any other park in the country and all of that rain creates thousands of waterfalls, one of my favorite photographic subjects.  Read More >>

HDR Testing Photomatix Pro

Like many photographers, I would look at my captured images and think to myself, "This doesn't look anything like what I see with my eyes". High dynamic range or HDR imagery is the attempt to make captured digital images have the higher visual range that we have with the naked eye.  Read More >>

Great Basin - The Undiscovered National Park?

Great Basin National Park

When mentioning Great Basin National Park to anyone I am usually answered with a perplexed look or the question, "There's a Great Basin National Park?" followed by, "Where the heck is that?". While on an extensive summer road trip, my family and I decided to make the trek to see Great Basin National Park on the return from the much more famous Zion National Park.  Read More >>