Great Basin - The Undiscovered National Park?

When mentioning Great Basin National Park to anyone I am usually answered with a perplexed look or the question, "There's a Great Basin National Park?" followed by, "Where the heck is that?". While on an extensive summer road trip, my family and I decided to make the trek to see Great Basin National Park on the return from the much more famous Zion National Park. I must mention that Great Basin is one of those places that you likely would not visit while on the way to someplace else. This very removed but wonderful park is located in east central Nevada where snakes, lizards and turkey vultures vastly outnumber the human population. If you wanted to live some place in total isolation, east central Nevada might be a good choice. But once you arrive at Great Basin you are greeted by impressive vistas of the deserts below and snowcapped Wheeler Peak above.
Rather than ramble on about this national gem, I will let the images below speak for themselves. Enjoy!
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