Photography by Curtis W. Smith

Seattle bugwalk
My daughter and I got creative during a Seattle “bugwalk” in April, 2012. This image combined two shots as one of us had to be across the street with the camera.

The name “bugwalk” is a term my daughter and I used to describe a day of random exploring around the city of Seattle. We would arrive early and see where the day took us. Just as you would watch a bug scurry around with no apparent destination such were our bugwalks around the city. One time it was hitting every downtown chocolate shop searching for the best truffle, another was checking out the lobbies of hotels. I enjoyed the time to take random photographs of everything from graffiti to reflections in skyscraper windows. 
However, a “bugwalk” is not the exclusive realm of the city of Seattle but any place where you just go for a walk and see where it takes you. Pick a place, pack your camera, get there early, grab a coffee and pick a direction. Bugwalk!!

My old Perle Jr. 120 film camera and a favorite childhood subject… the dog.

My journey into photography started with my grandfather’s Argus 35mm range-finder camera and a Perle Jr. 120 medium format camera purchased at a garage sale when I was 12 years old. I still have the Perle Jr..
My camera was a constant companion and I learned darkroom skills through a class at my middle school. At the time, you don’t realize that with all of the photographs taken you are documenting your life. I look through my many boxes of prints and slides now and still get a taste of what I was feeling when pressing the shutter button. 

More recently, travel for business and pleasure has allowed me to be one of the lucky ones and see many places around the world. The term “bugwalk” started to take on new meaning for me as I explored new cities in a random sort of fashion. My camera has always been with me and I have annoyed many travelers when taking pictures out airplane windows hence the term “travel photography” probably best fits my style. I discovered that traveling to new places could be a humbling experience. I learned that “travel is good for the soul.”

Please join me for this journey and enjoy wandering aimlessly about the planet (like a BUG) with camera in hand!

Curtis Smith