The List TV recently posted a piece on Airplane Window Photography that included an interview with yours truly. The piece was based on an article I wrote for Petapixel on the same subject (which was based on my blog post from May 2021). The piece includes many of my favorite airplane window photographs as well as some video I shot specifically for the show. The passenger sitting next to me when shooting the video surely wondered what the heck I was up to as I set up my iPhone and tiny tripod on my tray table. Unfortunately they did not use some wonderful footage I captured of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams.

The ListTV host Kristina Guerrero

You can also tell based on the interview footage of me that the internet speeds in Kingston are really lacking. Good thing they used more of my voice then footage of my pixelated face!
You can see the story on The ListTV YouTube channel:

It was a great experience and could possibly lead to more photography based interviews.

Thanks for reading!

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