Frankfurt Germany panorama

I am thankful once again to have an article published by the wonderful photography news site Petapixel. They asked that I write an article on “How to find a Photoshoot Location”. At first, I thought that the subject was much too broad to write a meaningful article. There are so many types of photography such as landscape, street, weddings, sports, etc.. I finally came to the conclusion that I could just put the photography “type” aside and concentrate on the key points that each type shares.

The article contains suggestions on finding photoshoot locations and includes an actual test case where I put my own advice in action. The article can be viewed here:

How to Find a Photoshoot Location –

setting to photograph the Frankfurt skyline
iPhone shot of my Pentax K1-ii, 3 Legged Thing tripod and Pacsafe x40 Backpack in action

Hopefully you will find the article useful and please check out the tons of information available on Petapixel!


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